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Britain’s Fastest-Growing Cities

Fast-Growing Cities

Fast-growing cities can make a good property investment.  They tend to have successful businesses and economies which offer well paid jobs which attract more people to live and work in them and helps to create a buoyant property market.  They have a high demand for property to buy and rent, frequently exceeding supply, meaning price rises, rent and yields offering good potential for property investors.

Amongst the top 5 growing cities in England is Cambridge, world-famous for the University of Cambridge.  Thanks to the university-led science parks located here, Cambridge is also a world leader in futuristic industries including software, research and development, pharmaceutical and biotechnology providing lots of highly qualified and well paid jobs supporting the buoyant local community. It is also a tourist hotspot, popular with overseas tourists, and attracts over half a million visitors a year. In 2017 the Greater Cambridge area had 121,000 homes and is expected to need an additional 66,700 by 2040. There are proposals for virtually every community within Cambridgeshire. Proposals for more than double the required amount have already been put forward, however the council will not allow any sites that don’t meet strict tests for their suitability and sustainability. Castlemore has worked hard to be part of this exciting fast-growing area by identifying the design traits that define the local character in Haddenham and in the words of John Ruskin “when we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for the present use alone. Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for”.

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