Land and Planning

Land and Planning

Our policy of sustainable profit allows our land buying team to be highly competitive.

Selling land can be stressful especially if the value depends on the success of planning consent. That is why our approach is one of translucency and honesty which cultivates good working relationships with Land Owners, Agents and Promoters.
We have the expertise and backing to undertake a wide variety of development opportunities. 

We will only partner with specialists such as local architects, ecologists and transport consultants who are industry recognised, accomplished and talented.

When it comes to sourcing and buying land, we understand that effective collaboration is key.

We act quickly and decisively.

We will not compromise on our social values for profit.
We build high quality, sustainable homes in keeping with local architecture.

We engage in community planning with genuine consultation throughout.

We design developments that enhance the communities in which we build and meet local housing needs.

We provide bespoke solutions that address local planning agendas, individual needs and community needs.

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