Bucklesham’s Helping hands

The Castlemore Team at Bucklesham were more than happy to welcome Councillor Bickers from the Bucklesham Parish Council to the site earlier this month, who remarked that he was ‘extremely impressed with the way it was being managed.’

Councillor Brinkley reported to the Parish Council that our team have been ‘exceptionally co-operative towards the village from the very beginning of the development.’

The team at Bucklesham have been keen to foster a great relationship between the village and the new development. During the sudden summer heat, we supplied some bowsers of water to enable the watering of the tress on the Playing Field. We also loaned some emergency fencing to the Village Hall when a neighbour’s fence collapsed into the car park. Recently, when there was a sudden leak in the disabled toilet at the Village Hall our team at Bucklesham were quick to lend a hand and fix the problem. With a funeral wake the next day and a charity coffee morning on the Saturday, time was of the essence. Luckily our wonderful team at Bucklesham were happy to be able to help out.

We remain very grateful to the local council for their continued support of our rapidly progressing development.

At Castlemore we care about more than just our developments. We care about the local community and its wellbeing, the seamless integration of Castlemore residents, and the natural and social environment in the local area.

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